• Developing a Work Community
    Improve cooperation skills, managerial work, leadership and employees’ ability for self-leadership
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  • Choosing a Training Tool
    Peili training tools help to develop work communities, cooperation skills, leadership and productive sales.
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  • Participating in Training
    Peili brings practical insight to everyday working life.
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About Peili Behavioural Profile

Peili Behavioural Profile Benefits

  • Versatile training tool
  • Tool to develop interaction and cooperation skills
  • Turns differences into assets
  • Improves self-knowledge
  • Includes self-assessment and assessment by others
  • Feedback about behavioural style, ability to encounter and structure of trust  

Application Areas

  • Leadership
  • Management groups
  • Teams and work communities
  • Self-leadership
  • Project professionals
  • Customer service and sales
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Your Success with Our Support

Peili Consulting produces and develops Peili training tools for coaches, trainers and HR professionals by Finnish specialists.

Peili trainers are specialists on staff and business development, and their area of expertise is improving interaction and cooperation skills. They work as independent entrepreneurs, in training companies or they work in HR positions in a company.

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