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Peili Behavioural Profile in Training

Peili Behavioural Profile is part of many coaching and training programs involving cooperation and interaction skills. Only certified Peili trainers have the right to use Peili Behavioural Profile in their training and coaching. They combine Behavioural Profile with their own know-how and the customer objectives, as appropriate. Find certified Peili trainers.

With Peili You’ll See More

Self-assessment and feedback from others help you to put yourself on a map describing different behavioural styles. The questions only register perceptions of your external behavioural style, i.e. your natural way of functioning. It means that Peili Behavioural Profile does not tell about who you are on the inside.

Feedback from others can reveal new sides of yourself: strengths that you have not noticed, or sharp edges that you were unaware of. Self-knowledge is the key to development and finding one’s place in working life.

Recognise Behavioural Styles and Discover Synergy

Recognising behavioural styles helps you to get on the same page with people of different styles. Then you can also cope better with people and matters that are challenging to you. Smooth cooperation feeds into achieving goals and results, new ideas and creativity. Good cooperation is also a big part of a pleasant and meaningful work environment.

Equipped for Success

The ability to encounter different people and to build trust with them helps you to succeed in your work. When you understand the viewpoints of people with different styles, you are better able to express your opinion to them. Recognising and making full use of your own strengths makes your work more meaningful and productive.

We wish you productive training!

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