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Training & Coaching and Peili Feedback

Peili feedback tools are part of many different coaching and training programs, for example team, management, project, sales or customer service training or personal coaching. Feedback focuses on working life skills that require an understanding of self-knowledge and of people’s different natural strengths.

The value of Peili is that it is an extremely dependable, specific and practical tool, for example for change management.

The cornerstones of a functioning work community are smooth cooperation, good management work and employees with an ability for self-leadership. These factors form the basis of success and they yield results.

The Ability to Cooperate Is a Vital Asset

As well as processes that run smoothly, rules that work and clear responsibilities, productive cooperation is essential. When cooperation runs smoothly, resources are freed from pointless procrastination and productivity increases. In a safe and confidence-inspiring work community, employees commit to real responsibility and their brainpower is freed up for to identify new perspectives and ideas. In the ideal case, a positive cycle is created, where coping with work is supported and work engagement generated.

Self-knowledge Is Emphasized in Management and Leadership

Self-knowledge is the starting point for good management and leadership skills. This is the basis on which the ability to manage different people is built. A skilful manager recognises the strengths and potential of his/her employees and can make use of them. S/he is able to fully involve employees and give them the right kind of feedback.

Self-leadership Bears Fruit

Self-leadership is a skill that pays dividends both for individuals and work communities. People who know their work and themselves are better able to focus on the essentials and take responsibility. They recognise their own strengths, which is the starting point for development. Self-leadership also includes the ability to cooperate, because the ability to cooperate depends on both will and ability.

Development of Work Communities According to Your Needs

On the Peili Trainers page, you will find companies and people who use Peili training tools to develop work communities. Areas of application include leadership and management, cooperation and interaction skills, team work, self-leadership, project work, customer service and sales work.

Peili Consulting provides customised work community training according to customer requirements. We also provide leadership assessments, which always include a personal feedback discussion and an analysis of aspects of leadership culture, when a leadership assessment involves several managers from the same organisation.

Contact us to discuss your needs and goals in more detail.

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