Certification Training in Peili Behavioural Profile

We certify coaches, trainers and HR specialists to use Peili Behavioural Profile.

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Certification Training in Peili Behavioural Profile Includes

  • Two training days
  • Personal Peili Behavioural Profile
  • Training material package
  • Free ongoing specialist support

Peili Consulting’s concept works really well, is approachable and simple, so that after the certification they offer continued support at a reasonable investment, which you can really benefit from!

You Succeed – We Support

After the two-day certification training, we’ll support your success. With our specialist support, at no extra cost, you can get advice and increase your knowledge of all aspects of Peili Behavioural Profile and Peili coaching. We also the support marketing and sales work of Peili trainers.

After the training, I felt like I can confidently start building my own training business – There is always further information available, I will call Tiia or Niina for sure.

Peili Consulting also takes care of the producing of Peili Behavioural Profiles. You’ll get results on the agreed date for you to use. The price is based on the number of profiles.

For certifying persons, we require previous experience of training or coaching and/or acquaintance with staff development.

Price 1950 € + vat.

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Niina Reina

Certification Services

Email: if.gnitlusnociliepnull@anier.aniin

Phone: 010 66 65 690