Peili Behavioural Profile

Peili Behavioural Profile Is a Multifunction Tool

The Peili Behavioural Profile tool is a dependable training tool that describes people’s different ways of functioning. The tool is widely applicable, and in addition to self-assessment the results include feedback from others.

Peili Behavioural Profile provides a common language for familiar cooperation phenomena. Common understanding is the starting point for developing interaction skills and an operating culture. The frame of reference is easy to learn and it is useful when working with people with different styles.

The Behavioural Profile is mainly used in group training, but it can also be used for deepening the individual coaching process. The most common fields of use for Peili Behavioural Profile are

  • Leadership & management
  • Team work
  • Cooperation and interaction
  • Customer service
  • Project work

Different Feedback Sections Expand the Viewpoint

Peili Behavioural Profile includes 3 feedback sections. Feedback on behavioural style is the basis of everything. It describes the natural way of functioning both of persons and groups. Understanding different ways of functioning helps to recognise areas of development, opens up new viewpoints and brings out people’s strengths.

Feedback on your ability to encounter measures the groups’ and individuals’ ability to cooperate. Feedback on the ability to trust tells how trust is built in cooperation and how you can strengthen that trust.

Peili Reveals Interaction Skills

People’s perception of their own way of functioning and interaction skills is often somewhat different from that of others. This is why results based solely on self-assessment often draw an incomplete picture and therefore fail to define development objectives.

Feedback from others can show persons areas of development that were invisible to them. Often it also brings out strengths that the person was aware of!

Development can only begin when you know where you truly are.

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